E-District Services

Last Updated on: September 13, 2022

E-District Services

  • The Assam e-District Project is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). This project is being implemented by the Information Technology Department, Government of Assam. This project aims to improve G2C interaction experience between the government and citizen. It aims at seamless service delivery of services to the citizen by enhancing the efficiencies at the districts.

    The e-District project aims to deliver government services to the citizens (G2C) so that government services are accessible to the common citizens in his locality through Internet, Common Service Centres “Arunodoy Kendra” and Public Facilitation Centres (PFCs) at DC & Circle Offices. Citizens at Village-level can access the services through CSCs. All certificates are dully digitally signed and can be verified online athttp://edistrict.assam.gov.in/ .

    Following services can be availed by submitting necessary supporting documents through online (www.assam.gov.in) or physically visiting a PFC or CSC centres.

    1. Next of Kin Certificate
    2. Permission for Delayed Birth Registration:
    3. Permission for Delayed Death Registration
    4. Permanent Resident Certificate (only for studying Higher Education)
    5. Non-Creamy Layer Certificate
    6. Senior Citizen Certificate
    7. Income Certificate
    8. Caste Certificate
    9. Bakijai Clearance Certificate
    10. Permission for Special Events (fairs/religious/cultural festivals/loudspeakers/rallies/strikes)
    11. Certified Copy of Electoral Roll


    Sl no Service Name Supporting Document Required Timeline in Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Death Certificate of the deceased person
    • Valid documents showing relationship with the deceased person 30
    • Self Declaration Affidavit  

    30 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Hospital or Doctor's Certificate regarding Death / Cremation certificate or Age Proof (any)
    • Proof of Resident
    • Affidavit
    • Any other document

    7 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Register Hospital Govt. / Pvt. Certificate regarding Birth or Age Proof (any)
    • School Certificate/Admit Card (for age 6 and above) or parent's details
    • Affidavit
    • Any other document

    7 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • One passport size photograph
    • Records of Immovable property if any, with up to date Land Revenue Paid  Slip
    • Copy of Indian Passport or Certified copy of NRC 1951
    • Certified copy of the voters list to check the linkage
    • Copy of  the PRC of any member of the family of the applicant stating  relationship, if any
    • Copy of the Birth Certificate issued by competent authority
    • Copy of HSLC Certificate/Admit Card
    • Employment Certificate issued by the employer showing joining in  present place of posting, if any
    • Documents related to parents and forefathers having continuously resided  in Assam for a minimum period of 50 years or
    • Documents related to guardian having continuously resided in Assam for a minimum period of 20 years

    14 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Address proof
    • Identity proof
    • Salary slip (if employed)
    • Land revenue receipt (on verification by LM in case of farmer)
    • Any Other documents (Any voter list, Gaon Burrah Certificate,Land Revenue Payment Receipt,etc.)

    10 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • One passport size photograph of the applicant
    • Permanent resident certificate or any other  proof of residency Caste certificate of parents or any supporting proof of caste status
    • Affidavit by the applicant or parents in lieu of (c)
    • Report of Gaonburah in case of rural areas/ Ward Commissioner in case of urban areas
    • (Recommendation of the Gaonburah/Ward Commissioner may be skipped if the parents of the applicant has already been issued SC Caste certificate)
    • Recommendation of President/Secretary of  District President of Anuhushit Jati Parishad/Chairman of Scheduled Caste Development Board/President / Secretary of the  Apex body of caste organizations authorized by Govt. as the case may be
    • Copy of Legacy data as per NRC 1951,electoral role between 1966 & 1971

    30 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Original Affidavit
    • Scan Copy of up to date and revenue payment receipt
    • Scan Copy of court fee stamp
    • Passport sized Photograph
    • Any Other documents (if any)

    15 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Permanent resident certificate or any other proof of residency
    • OBC/MOBC certificate issued by competent authority
    • Income certificate of parents from the Circle Officer if they are agriculturists/ Income certificate from controlling authority/ Treasury  Officer if retired salaried persons

    30 Days



    • Scan copy of application form
    • Valid Passport/PAN Card/Pension book/Marriage certificate in case of change of name of women/School certificate/Identity Card issued by competent authority/ Incase of absent of above document applicant will submit a certificate to be issued by Gaon Burha or Local Mauzadar/School Certificate/Bank passbook with photo
    • For Residence roof Ration cards/Valid Passport/Voter ID card
    • Any Other documents(Any voter list,Gaon Burrah Certificate,Land Revenue Payment Receipt,etc.)
    • Passport size photograph of application


    15 Day