Health Care Information

Last Updated on: January 03, 2024
Numbers of Health Institutions
Nalbari Medical College 1
Civil Hospital 1
Block Public Health Centre 4
Mini Public Health Centre 34
Community Health Centre 7
State Dispensaries 5
Subsidiary Health Centre 4
Health Sub Centre 121
Anganwadi Centre 1510
Model Hospital 2
SL No Name of Health Block PHC Name of Health Institution Types of Facility 
1 Nalbari Urban SMK Civil Hospital District Civil Hospital
2 Nalbari Urban Urban Health Center PHC
3 Ghograpar BPHC Allia MPHC MPHC
4 Ghograpar BPHC Barkhola MPHC MPHC
5 Ghograpar BPHC Dhamdhama MPHC MPHC
6 Ghograpar BPHC Ghograpar BPHC BPHC
7 Ghograpar BPHC Nilpur SD SD
8 Ghograpar BPHC Sanekuchi SD SD
9 Ghograpar BPHC Balitara MPHC MPHC
10 Ghograpar BPHC Dakhingaon SD SD
11 Ghograpar BPHC Silpotabari MPHC MPHC
12 Ghograpar BPHC Vithamahal MPHC MPHC
13 Ghograpar BPHC Latima MPHC MPHC
14 Chamata BPHC Chamata CHC CHC
15 Chamata BPHC Kakaya CHC CHC
16 Chamata BPHC Bornarddi CHC CHC
17 Chamata BPHC Belsor Model Hospital CHC
18 Chamata BPHC Chamata CHC/BPHC CHC/BPHC
19 Chamata BPHC Solmara MPHC MPHC
20 Chamata BPHC Pipalibari MPHC MPHC
21 Chamata BPHC Borbila MPHC MPHC
22 Chamata BPHC Boritapa MPHC MPHC
23 Chamata BPHC Uttar Dharmapur MPHC MPHC
24 Chamata BPHC Niz-Bahjani MPHC MPHC
25 Chamata BPHC Bhadra Arora MPHC MPHC
26 Chamata BPHC Chandakuchi SHC SHC
27 Chamata BPHC Jagara MPHC MPHC
28 Chamata BPHC Balowa SHC SHC
29 Kamarkuchi BPHC Kamarkuchi PHC PHC
30 Kamarkuchi BPHC Karia-Bijulighat MPHC MPHC
31 Kamarkuchi BPHC Marowa MPHC MPHC
32 Kamarkuchi BPHC Banekuchi MPHC MPHC
33 Kamarkuchi BPHC Harimandir PHC PHC
34 Kamarkuchi BPHC Kalag CHC CHC
35 Kamarkuchi BPHC Nankarbahira SHC SHC
36 Kamarkuchi BPHC Hati Namti SD SD
37 Kamarkuchi BPHC Burinagar MPHC MPHC
38 Tihu Reporting Unit Tihu FRU FRU
39 Tihu Reporting Unit Haribhanga SD SD
40 Tihu Reporting Unit Makhibaha MPHC MPHC
41 Tihu Reporting Unit Jalkhana MPHC MPHC
42 Tihu Reporting Unit Gobradal MPHC MPHC
43 Tihu Reporting Unit Sialmari MPHC MPHC
44 Tihu Reporting Unit Niz-Namati SHC SHC
45 Mukalmua BPHC Mukalmua FRU FRU
46 Mukalmua BPHC Doulasal MPHC MPHC
47 Mukalmua BPHC Bortola MPCH MPHC
48 Mukalmua BPHC Narua MPHC MPCH
49 Mukalmua BPHC Lawtola MPHC MPHC
50 Mukalmua BPHC Adabari Model Hospital MPHC
51 Mukalmua BPHC Kurihamari MPHC MPHC
52 Mukalmua BPHC Bhangnamari CHC MPHC
53 Mukalmua BPHC Sialmari Bejirsuty RPHC RPHC
54 Mukalmua BPHC Barnibari MPHC MPHC
55 Mukalmua BPHC Peradhora RPHC RPHC